Excom Internet

Rural Internet with NO contract

WiMax & LTE Internet

Enjoy maximum speed and do not worry,
it ‘s totally unlimited


Up to 10 Mbps

Up to 1 Mbps

€ 36.30 p/m


Up to 20 Mbps

Up to 2 Mbps

€ 66.60 p/m


Up to 30 Mbps

Up to 2 Mbps

€ 90.00 p/m

For Communities 20/5Mbps

Up to 20 Mbps

Up to 5 Mbps

€ 198.00 p/m

Installation €249

  • All services require the installation of a roof mounted subscriber module and a cable from it to the router in your home.
  • This work will be carried out by a professional installation technician. A standard installation is 3 hours work and 20m of cabling.
  • These units are included in the installation price.
  • All price include IVA (VAT)
  • There is no minimum contract.


With 4G LTE technology & WiMax we can provide broadband services in rural areas and small towns where others can’t. 

EXCOM has its own infrastructure accross Andalusia.

Satellite Internet

Super Fast 22Mb downloads Anywhere! - Tooway Internet

Tooway offers very fast speeds – up to 22 Mb download & 6 Mb upload

  • Generous data allowances with UNLIMITED off-peak data on Tooway 25, Tooway 40 & Tooway Extra tariffs.
  • Wide choice of tariffs to suit all users; high speeds available on some lower tariffs
  • Europasat provides a UK IP address for Tooway customers giving easy access to UK watch again portals like BBC iPlayer – the only Tooway Distributor to do this
  • Well proven product with a robust, reliable service – professional or self install
  • Europasat has many thousands of happy customers on the Tooway satellite broadband service
**Off-peak hours for Tooway are 0.00 AM (midnight) to 6.00 AM local time in the country of connection.

Rent Your Kit

Pick from a range of tariffs including Tooway Extra with uncapped browsing & email*, plus a 100 GB monthly allowance for other traffic.

  • You pay a one-off set-up and connection charge
  • You have the choice of either self-install, meaning no more costs, or you can use a local installer, or we can install it for you (UK only)
  • Instead of having the buy the hardware, you pay a little extra per month on top of your airtime tariff over the time that you use the kit
  • When you don’t need the service any more, send us back the modem and the TRIA, the electronics on the end of the dish arm. (Don’t worry. we’ll send you a FREE courier bag to send them back in!)
  • Flat rate of €6.95 per month hardware rental on all packages
  • There’s a minimum 24 month contract

*Terms and conditions apply

Own your kit

If you buy your Tooway satellite broadband kit outright, you’ll benefit from our cheapest tariffs

You have the choice of self-install, meaning NO more costs!

  • You buy your Tooway kit, and pay a small connection fee
  • If you buy your Tooway kit, you benefit from our cheapest airtime packages!
  • You can select from a range of tariffs including Tooway Extra with a 100 GB monthly data allowance plus uncapped browsing and email*
  • You have the choice of either self-install, meaning no more costs, or you can use a local installer, or we can install it for you (UK only)
  • You have no long term commitment, just a no nonsense 30 day rolling contract

*Terms and conditions apply

Need more Info?

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions about Tooway Internet from Europasat