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For Netflix and Amazon Prime

Get your VPN (UK IP Address) from Cactus.

I recently undertook a review of the most common VPN and Proxy services while trying to fix a customers issue. After a week of testing I found the Cactus VPN system to be one of the best, fastest and most user friendly. With a UK VPN from only $4.99 per month it is also one of the cheapest around. TheirĀ US, UK, NL VPNĀ + Smart DNS service @ $6.99 per month is the most comprehensive offering there is. The Smart VPN service allows you to simply configure your router so that all devices connected both wired and wireless are all covered by the appropriate IP address, it is a simple click to change between US, UK, NL all from one subscription.

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***** UPDATE 2018 *****

Cactus does not unblock BBC anymore. They have promised for months to resolve this issue but as yet have NOT.

Please use this company instead as their service seems to work.

DNS Unblock


Hide your IP, Surf anonynously, Acces blocked websites.