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In a word, ‘NO’. The only satellite that will give you Sky UK channels is 28.2 Astra. On this platform you will receive all of your Sky (pay) channels also (ITV 2/ITV 3/ITV 4) HD channels, also CH 5 HD. You will not receive any of the BBC’s, ITV 1, CH 4 or any of the associated programs (BBC 3/4 more 4, E4, 4 7’s or any BBC radio stations.

We have had reports that some companies have been installing the Intelsat 907 satellite as a replacement for losing the Freesat channels. This satellite does carry BBC 1/BBC 2/ITV 1 and CH 4 HD plus a few other channels. This cannot be installed and unscrupulous companies installing it for their clients will either disappear very quickly or have to refund them as this is a completely unstable platform.

Intelsat 907 is located at 27.5 west and it is used as a relay satellite in the event of the UK free view channels having issues. It uses an encryption system called BISS keys that can be gained by hacking codes. It is operated by Arqiva who can at any given time can change the BISS keys as and when they wish, leaving unsuspecting customers without Freesat channels for days/weeks/months.

We at The Sky Doctor’s put this to the test a year ago. We installed an Intelsat 907 system, it worked for 3 days, no problem then the BISS keys changed and it took 3 months to get new keys for the satellite decoder. This means that there were NO viewable channels for 3 months. If you were thinking about having such a system installed, then DONT.