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Toowaydirect changed over to EuropaSat

We’re delighted to announce that ToowayDirect is now EuropaSat

Following two and half years of very successful and close alignment with the Tooway brand, we feel it’s time to step up the satellite broadband game and offer our customers more choice, and most importantly, the ability to give independent, unbiased advice.

As part of the rebranding, we’ve created the new website which gives customers the chance to easily search and compare all of Europe’s satellite broadband products and to decide which one’s best for them, wherever they are.

Our team of satellite broadband experts and our network of Resellers are also on the end of the phone to give you simple, impartial advice on the products, and which one’s right for you.

What does the change mean, am I still dealing with the same people?

ToowayDirect and EuropaSat are brands owned and operated by Satellite Solutions Worldwide Ltd. Whilst the name and the website have changed, the company and the people are identical, as is our address, VAT, bank details and phone numbers.

What do I do if I’m an existing ToowayDirect customer on Tooway?

If you’re an existing customer of ours on a Tooway service, nothing changes, you’ll be dealing with the same team, the same company, and your contract and service isn’t changing or affected.


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