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I was just sitting in the office fixing a PC and decided to pop a quick note on the Blog about heat.

As the summer arrives and the ambient temperature starts to rise many people will experience a slow down and their computers and laptops.

This is mainly due to heat, the temperature that the internal electronics work at is very important.

If your PC/Laptop is very slow or turning off what seems randomly then you might want to have the CPU and Heat Sink checked out.

The PC that I have just been working on hasn’t been looked at for a few years and when I investigated the CPU and Heat Sink I found that they were clogged with dust and fluff, also there is a thin layer of “Thermal Compound” or “heat paste” between the top of the CPU and the bottom of the heat sink, over time this goes hard and does not dissipate the heat efficiently.

Having cleaned the dust and fluff and re pasted the chip, the PC is running fine again.

If you think you could be suffering the same problem, give me a call +34 608 152 484

This can be a very cheap and easy fix for a slowing PC