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I contacted the UK tooway distributor to clarify the details regarding the Tooway MAX (unlimited data) package being terminated.

Please find below the response.

Yes the customers who sign up to the Max tariff prior to 30th Sept in Spain will be on ‘unlimited’ for the duration of their use of the service.

Of course, they need to be clear that they are still subject to Eutelsat’s Fair Access Policy just like everyone else, which means they may be throttled back if their usage is deemed ‘heavy’ (just like with any other internet service). This may lead to a situation where they are unable to receive speeds at certain times which would allow them to stream or download successfully, depending on the traffic on the network at that moment and the way Eutelsat manage it in order to ensure a fair apportioning of bandwidth to all users.

In plain English what this means is that the product shouldn’t be sold as a like for like substitute for satellite TV, as and when the latter become unobtainable in Spain. It’s fine for ad hoc catchup TV and iPlayer etc + standard browsing and email, but watching significant amounts of TV via broadband will inevitably rack up a lot of data and put them at risk of being throttled.

I hope that helps.

Those customers who are already on the tooway service with me need only let me know if they would like their package changed to “Tooway MAX”.

A package change request will be submitted and the new package should take effect with 48hrs.